Filming long takes is always challenging. Filming long takes that in involve 360 turns and a walk through an entire building as well as outside with real street lighting is even more and even more so if you the building is a XVI century beauty that now serves as a museum, where it’s impossible to attach anything anywhere nor even raise the temperature more than 5 degrees Celsius lest the endangerment of its art collection. Plus there’s live sound being recorded and a boom operator walking by the camera at all times! But when a company cool as Blogotheque calls, giving you the chance to work on a project this satisfying you have got to deliver. Here’s a nice behind the scenes video of that experience. Edited by Luca Previtali.

Ps: I forgot to add we could not get in until 6.30PM and had to finish by 2AM…



Early last January I was called to film two music videos back to back from well known and beloved Italian artists. One was Argento vivo by Daniele Silvestri, the other Abbi Cura Di Me by Simone Cristicchi can be admired here. They both went on playing successfully at the most prestigious San Remo festival, sweeping all critics’ as well as people choice’s awards (but not the festival crown itself).

We filmed one long take from beginning to end, all lighting was cued up with the music thanks to a dimming board and a gang of uncompromising lighting technicians and dolly grips. I was on camera. We filmed at Lumina studios in Rome. Post production was carried on at InLusion VFX in Rome.

Shot on Red Helium s35 with Zeiss Ultra Primes.

Directed by Giorgio Testi

Art direction by Laura Latorre with the support of Flaminia Ciabatti

Costumes by Noemi Intino.

Colorist Andrea Gargano

The Making Of Morning Blues

Here’s a very nice article about Rose’s music video I shot last year with the brilliant Gray Bryan at the helm.


Here we are again with yet another Italian mainstream music video for the renowned Italian rapper Fabri Fibra featuring the 2017 new pop sensation Thegiornalisti helmed by Tommaso Paradiso.

The music video was shot over the course of two very fun days in Trieste on the northern east side of Italy, close to the Slovakian border. The video uses the harbour area as main exterior setting, a local landmark that was used to replicate some of NY street in Sergio Leone’s classic “Once Upon a Time in America”.

The video was shot on a Red Dragon with Cooke S4s Primes.

Directed by Cosimo Alema’

Produced by Matteo Stefani for

Cinematography and Camera by me.


During late spring 2016 I started collaborating with the Royal Central School of Speech and drama ending up delving into directing a couple of scenes and a short film promo, with their cast of talented young actors. It was interesting and refreshing for me to tackle all the filmmaking disciplines involved in making a movie. I directed two short scenes extrapolated from screenplays that already have been made into movies and had to direct two sets of actors I was given for them. Not having been able to cast the actors myself I had to adapt to their style and looks and make the most out of it and with the given material at hand, which was next to nothing as the budget was non-existent. I made a point of not try to recreate the movies in question as it would have been impossible, actor’s physiques aside, by our budget time and equipment. Plus I wanted to give it a go at shaping my own take on the script, without trying to mimic two successful existing films with big movies stars, it wouldn’t have been fair on everybody involved and most importantly it wouldn’t have been fun. During this time I rehearsed with the actors extensively and searched for the right locations and tried to figure out the appropriate camera and lighting style. We didn’t have much but we made the most of it. Having to be a real filmmaker for once was really exciting: directing, lighting, camera operating and then editing, sound mixing and grading was daunting for me and frightening at the same time but it turned out being extremely rewarding. While I was working on those scenes above I was approached by another student, Vanessa Calderon, who asked me to be the cinematographer of the graduation film she was starring in and producing. I agreed and the result is on my my WORKS page, titled Traces of a Soul, it was directed by the lovely Robin Rainsford who can be seen acting on one of the scenes I shot for the school shown below. At the same time Mannini Mokhotu, also acting in one of those scenes, asked me to do a short film promo for her, and lacking director, budget and any other key figure I undertook the task of doing it all myself. The result still makes me extremely proud. Mannini went on making a crowdfunding campaign and filming the whole thing during late summer last year, unfortunately by that time I was shooting on a BBC series and I could not free myself to light it for her. However here is the promo we did in all its glory.

Mannini conceived the idea and stars in it; I directed, shot, edited and graded it; the sound design and mix and graphics were done by Homebrew Film post-house in Cape Town, South Africa and the original song featured at the end was written and performed by the South African band Rheebongs (huge thanks to all of them for the amazing help they gave us, it made a real difference). Enjoy.

Below are the scenes I shot before filming Lejoe’s promo short:



2017 has begun with an unexpected job for me, a music video shoot from one of the most renowned and beloved Italian singers: Giorgia. It was my first Italian job in many many years and I welcomed the experience. Upon reconnecting with its director, the Italian music video director Cosimo Alema’, I was asked to join him into this journey. Commissioned by Sony and produced by the director’s companies Borotalco, Bmovie Italia and 99.9 Films through Andrea Biscaro and Fulvio Compagnucci, the video features three separate storylines loosely referring to the song’s lyric interwoven with the artist’s brilliant playback delivery. It was a fun two days shoot, enlightened by the wonderful company of the singer, who’s real persona is all you would hope her to be. A real pleasure.

Cosimo distinctive signature style called for hand held camera with 45º shutter, fast paced editing and use of natural lighting when available. I tried my best to keep it simple while at the same time give justice to Giorgia’s beautiful features.

Shot on Red Dragon with Zeiss Super Speed primes.



Here’s the latest show I shot for Anya Hindmarch during last London Fashion Week.

Produced by Audrey Davenport for Lut! Media

Directed by Bouha Kazmi

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Canon C300 MKII with Cooke S4s Prime Lenses, Angenieux and Fujinon Zoom Lenses.

On Anya’s YouTube channel is possible to watch all other videos for the shows we shot during the last two and half years. Link below.




I consider myself very lucky to have been involved on this production, fist as additional cinematographer for VFX and later as C camera operator. Working with Andrew Dunn, ASC, BSC is great and his tremendous experience seems endless, he is terribly generous with his knowledge and kind but always able to get the best out of you. Amazing.

I have to thank B camera operator/second unit cinematographer Gerry Vasbenter for the opportunity, whose qualities are too many to mention.

Uncredited by still very much part of it.

Shot on Arri Alexa XT Plus, Panavision C-, T-Series, ATZ, AWZ2 and Angenieux Optimo Lenses.

A Universal Films Production

Directed by Sharon Maguire

Cinematography by Andrew Dunn



I did some very small additional photography on this one but it was a great experience and remember it fondly. And it’s brilliant.

Produced by Guy Heeley

Directed by Jakob Verbruggen

Cinematography by Laurie Rose

Shot on Arri Alexa with Cooke S4 Prime Lenses


Here’s the trailer for Take Down, and Anglo-American production I had the pleasure to do some additional photography for (the shots of the lead running up and down the stairs to the lighthouse with a rope on his shoulders were shot by me). Unfortunately uncredited in the final release, I was in Wales with the guys for a short while. I still remember those steps!

Produced by Radiant Film International

Directed by Jim Gillespie

Cinematography Denis Crossan