tezeniscroppedMy first foray into professional gimbal operating came as a surprise, when fellow cinematographer the brilliant Ed Rutherford asked me if I could operate my freshly bought Ronin for him. Although I almost always like to operate myself on my on shows I don’t usually do operating for other people (it happened recently for Andrew Dunn on the latest Bridget Jones movie “Bridget Jones Baby”, but that came after I had dome some additional photography for VFX and it was too good an opportunity to pass), but I was eager to test the gimbal on the field and have something high end to show that I had shot with it. I welcomed the opportunity and here’s the result, Ed’s lighting is brilliant and I am pretty satisfied with what I brought to the table.

Produced by Sarah Mantovanelli for Managment Artists

Directed by Michelangelo Di Battista e Lorenzo Cisi

Photographed by Ed Rutherford

Camera by Luca Ciuti

Shot on Sony F55 with Zeiss Super Speed Primes

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