Welcome to my new site!

It’s with great pleasure that I’m launching my new website, with a new design and lots of new content. On top of my work as a cinematographer, that can be seen in the page ‘Works’, I’ve added a ‘Stills’ section to showcase some of the pictures I’ve been taking in my (very limited) spare time. I’m by no means a pro stills photographer, as I do it for my own pleasure and not for a living, although lighting and composition are my bread and butter as you might have guessed. I only hope that you will enjoy them – they’re ment to amuse you and show a different side of me. I miss a lot my old darkroom, the smell of chemicals and the thrill of watching the image appearing right in front of my eyes, as well as all the fun dodging and burning and the rest of it. I now mostly shoot digital and post on Lightroom. As it happens nowadays most of the time I DoP, I do it using a digital movie camera, ending up the post on Baselight, DaVinci and the likes – depending on the post house. Honestly though, as much as I love film – every medium has its highs and lows and for a certain type of project digital capture has become invaluable.┬áThe good old 35mm though it’s still a top shooting format, especially for image capture, and should not be dismissed just yet. On this site you’ll also find an ‘Imagery’ section that is meant to be just a visual page for stills coupled with quotes or thoughts that have come to inspire me, I hope I’ll think/shoot/find/borrow many more of those to keep the page fresh. Last but not least I decided to include the ‘Blog’ section, which may sound silly but it could be an opportunity to share my thoughts with you as well as behind the scenes pictures, technical tips and news about what I’m working on as well as any other thing that comes to mind. Honestly it’s not the first time that I try blogging and it hasn’t gone well so far, as I’ve never found the time to keep it up. This time I’ll try harder. I hope you’ll enjoy my works. Best, L.

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