“IERI SERA A CENA” (Yesterday’s dinner) is a short film written and directed by the young Cristiano Pedrocco, a first time director at the time of the shoot, who has a background in photography and who, later on, attended a film school’s cinematography course in Rome. Cristiano is now working as a filmmaker in Rome.

I met Cristiano through relatives and when he proposed the film to me, upon reading the script I was instantly hooked. I like uplifting stories, maybe it’s because I’m a child of the Eighties (b. 1979) and I grew up with films such as E.T. and Back To The Future, that this story resonated with me from the start.

Cristiano spent months preparing for the shoot and albeit a minimal budget he flashed out of his own pocket, he managed to have everything in place for the shoot. And it was well worth it, the film has won many National and International festivals since it was released a couple of years ago. Now that its festival run is over I can finally post it here. I will get a subtitled version in English soon as well, meanwhile, unless you speak Italian, have a look at the pictures!

It was shot on a Canon 5D with Zeiss Compact Prime 2 Lenses.


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