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2017 has begun with an unexpected job for me, a music video shoot from one of the most renowned and beloved Italian singers: Giorgia. It was my first Italian job in many many years and I welcomed the experience. Upon reconnecting with its director, the Italian music video director Cosimo Alema’, I was asked to join him into this journey. Commissioned by Sony and produced by the director’s companies Borotalco, Bmovie Italia and 99.9 Films through Andrea Biscaro and Fulvio Compagnucci, the video features three separate storylines loosely referring to the song’s lyric interwoven with the artist’s brilliant playback delivery. It was a fun two days shoot, enlightened by the wonderful company of the singer, who’s real persona is all you would hope her to be. A real pleasure.

Cosimo distinctive signature style called for hand held camera with 45º shutter, fast paced editing and use of natural lighting when available. I tried my best to keep it simple while at the same time give justice to Giorgia’s beautiful features.

Shot on Red Dragon with Zeiss Super Speed primes.



Here’s the latest show I shot for Anya Hindmarch during last London Fashion Week.

Produced by Audrey Davenport for Lut! Media

Directed by Bouha Kazmi

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Amira, Canon C300 MKII with Cooke S4s Prime Lenses, Angenieux and Fujinon Zoom Lenses.

On Anya’s YouTube channel is possible to watch all other videos for the shows we shot during the last two and half years. Link below.




“IERI SERA A CENA” (Yesterday’s dinner) is a short film written and directed by the young Cristiano Pedrocco, a first time director at the time of the shoot, who has a background in photography and who, later on, attended a film school’s cinematography course in Rome. Cristiano is now working as a filmmaker in Rome.

I met Cristiano through relatives and when he proposed the film to me, upon reading the script I was instantly hooked. I like uplifting stories, maybe it’s because I’m a child of the Eighties (b. 1979) and I grew up with films such as E.T. and Back To The Future, that this story resonated with me from the start.

Cristiano spent months preparing for the shoot and albeit a minimal budget he flashed out of his own pocket, he managed to have everything in place for the shoot. And it was well worth it, the film has won many National and International festivals since it was released a couple of years ago. Now that its festival run is over I can finally post it here. I will get a subtitled version in English soon as well, meanwhile, unless you speak Italian, have a look at the pictures!

It was shot on a Canon 5D with Zeiss Compact Prime 2 Lenses.



I shot this advert for Shaven Ape, directed by Ben Fogg – with whom is a pleasure to work.

Shot on Red Epic with Zeiss Distagon Prime lenses.


Less than a couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be involved in shooting the Europcar and Arsenal FC partnership campaign. Here’s the full edit. I shot the Trudy Mertesacker bit (the bakery) without the headshot interview of Trudy and Per.

Directed by the brilliant Ben Fogg

Produced by the lovely Jade Fitton for Shaven Ape

Shot on Red Scarlet with Canon EF zoom lenses.



Here’s a funny making of video of the first half of CoM.


Some time have passed now from when we had to flee Erbil in Kurdistan Iraq for fear of being caught in between Isis advance and the US air strikes, meanwhile our director, Lauand Omar, has been busy tweaking the script in Istanbul first and then editing complete scenes as well as a second teaser of the film to show potential investors and fans alike. Here’s a link to the teaser, I hope you enjoy. Peace!

Shot on Arri Alexa with Zeiss Superspeed Primes.


Here’s the first teaser for Curse of Mesopotamia, a horror/fantasy feature film I’ve been shooting this summer in Erbil, (Kurdistan) Iraq.

We shot 50% of the movie but had to go due to the war that was looming over us. We’ll reprise production at the beginning of  the winter.

Produced by Visual K Production and written and directed by Lauand Omar.

Shot on Arri Alexa in 2K Apple ProRes 4444 with Arri Superspeed prime lenses.

Check the film’s FB page:


Early last March I shot this music video for the lovely Janet Devlin.

Shot in Manchester on a pair of Canon 5D on Gemini recorders in Apple ProRes 422 with Canon Prime EF Lenses.

Directed by Henry Steedman, who cowrote it with Janet, the video reflects the singer’s playful nature.

New Andrex Eco Campain Out Now

The new Andrex Eco campaign is finally out. The campaign was directed by Dan Burn-Forti for Making Pictures and shot by me. Dan also was the photographer behind the print ad campaign. All the videos we shot are on my Works page but I decided to post the very funny bloopers video here. A treat for puppy lovers. Shot on ARRI Alexa with Cooke S4 Prime Lenses. 🙂

Scroll the cog wheel pop up menu to watch HD.