Let’s talk about art: Barbara Nati

Futuristic Revivals – Jupiter 6th August 1945

Barbara Nati is a visual artist that makes incredible images that haunt you for a long time since you first saw them.

The worlds she creates come entirely from her imagination, using thousands of images to make a new one of a world that doesn’t exist, but could. The depth of Barbara images’ meaning and the multiple subtexts that layer them give the viewer a daunting task: to think. This is the foundation of Barbara’s art: to look under the surface, not to stop at the beauty and awe of the image but to dig deeper to its utmost meaning. The first ¬†step, the incredible entertaining impact of her images is what makes them so enjoyable and makes her art stand out nowadays.

Futuristic Revivals – Pluto 11th June 1963

If the viewer wants can stop by the first layer, by the beauty and technic or go further and ask those questions that the artist has put there for him to ask himself. Often she tackles subjects that are not comforting and reassuring but thought provoking and disturbing and this, I think, is part of the job of a good artist. I certainly wish that more contemporary art had this same duality, taking into account what is nothing other than the two most main human characteristics: body and thought, pleasure for the eyes and awareness for the mind. Like the old time greats that with a perfect picture used to describe an imperfect world….

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The following are thee images from Barbara Nati latest series: No farewell only endless goodbyes

All images are © Copyright Barbara Nati 2012

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