The Hobbit and the 3D HDR argument, an article that finally makes sense

I found myself recently thinking over the direction filmmaking is taking thanks to and despite technology. The subject matter has become more and more popular with the recent release of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. The very first film to be released in 3D HFR (High Frame Rate). I personally enjoyed the film, but I found this article written by photographer Vincent Laforet, one of the most interesting opinion pieces about the technology used in the film. I agree with most of his considerations and think it’s great that this type of considerations are being done at all. It is so important for the future of filmmaking to analyse its technical evolution with a detached eye, capable to spot its merits and its flaws. Of course there are points of view that vary from a person to another, I have my own as Laforet has his, although in this case they’re almost totally coinciding. In recent years however I’ve been reading and talking to people taking stands set in stone for this or that technology, which I found always very questionable since technology is an ever evolving beast that should be tamed and controlled but not worshipped, in my humble opinion. The most important thing is always the story and the vision behind every project and we have to use technology to achieve it and not technology dictate it.

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