The Killers – I feel it my bones

This year I was involved in shooting The Killers’ music video for the Christmas song “I feel it in my bones”, although as in the 2nd Unit DoP’s guise only.

Giorgio Testi (2nd Unit Director) and I shot all the band’s footage behind the bleachers of the Manchester Arena in Manchester the day after the band’s cancelled show, just before they travelled to Blackpool for other engagements.

I have to say I had a blast shooting them, they were incredibly nice and it was a cool informal set. I was asked to deliver a Ninety-eighties look. I believe I have achieved it, but judge it for yourself. The kit was minimal, we were only a crew of two, the director and myself. Production was co-ordinated by Pulse in London.

Change the stream quality on the drop-down menu to watch it HD!

Main Unit Director: Roboshobo; Main Unit DoP: Sing Howe Yam

2nd Unit Director: Giorgio Testi; 2nd Unit Dop: Luca Ciuti

2nd Unit Footage Shot on a Canon 7D with Canon 16-35mm and 70-200mm EF Zoom Lenses.


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